Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Successful Mystery Number Skype

Mrs. Suderman's class had another Mystery Number Skype with a 2nd grade class from Missouri.

What is a "Mystery Number Skype"?

When students participate in  a Mystery Number Skype with another class they secretly select a number between 1-100 and the other class asks questions with a yes or no answer to guess our number. Rolls are switched until both classes have guessed the secret number. Students use clues they get from the other class and they mark their 100's chart to narrow down the answer. (see the picture below).
Working together to figure out the answer. 

Why do I love Mystery Number Skypes?

  • The students are using math to find the secret number, it is practice with a purpose. 
  • While the students are discussing numbers, they are learning that other children far away are learning the same things as they are. This is the big step in global awareness. 
  • Our students are learning one more way to use technology to help them reach their learning goals. This kind of digital literacy is important for children growing up in an online age. 

Dawson is asking the other class " your number greater than 29?"

Here the other class is asking us if our number has a 5 in the tens place. 

Ashleigh is asking the other class if their number is odd.

What a great Mystery Number Skype!!