Monday, September 12, 2016

Our FaceTime with Hadley

Hadley had to be in the hospital for a few days so we decided it would cheer us up and maybe even cheer her up to be able to Face Time with her.  You can see by the look on the kid's faces that they love being able to talk to Hadley.

When we were finished with our Face Time with Hadley, we decided we wanted to make cards for her.  Here are pictures of us making cards.  What a kind and caring group of 3rd graders. Hadley is loved by us all!

Using the "Show Me" app to explain WHY PLANTS GROW FLOWERS

Our class has been learning about pollination in science.  If you want to learn more about how pollination works with flowers please watch the following "Show Me" presentations by three of our students.  I think you can tell they know what pollination is.

Follow this link to watch Ryker's presentation:

Follow this link to watch Seth's presentation:

Follow this link to watch Jace's presentation:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Animal Research In Mrs. Schmidt's Class

Mrs. Schmidt's class did an excellent job researching animals last week. They were able to choose the animal they wanted to research and used the iPads to read about their animal on the World Book Online for Kids website.
After they did their research they typed and illustrated their story on the iPads using an app called Scribble Press. These students wrote some wonderful reports.

We recorded each student reading his/her report using a green screen for the background. They then each picked an image of their animal to put on the green screen. These are some fun reports to listen to. Enjoy!

Eagles by Ryker

Cheetah's by Dalton

Gorilla's by Ady

Cats by Nykky

Dogs by Hayden

Wolves by Zoee

Lions by Kinley

Foxes by Maudie

Dolphins by Mariel

Horses by Gabby

Giraffes by Hadley

Anaconda's by Lily

Panda Bears by Kylie

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mrs. Pickerill's Mystery Number Skype Adventures Continue

Today Mrs. Pickerill's class had another Mystery Number Skype with a class from Utah!

They worked very hard to guess each others' numbers. 

This is a student asking the other class a question. 

We are so excited, we guessed their number!  It was 17

Another great day in Mrs. Pickerill's class. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

"Breaking News" From Mrs. Armendariz's Technology Class

The students from my Technology Class are getting pretty fancy with their volcano reports. They were each assigned an active volcano and presented their information using Green Screen by Do Ink and iMovie. They took images from the actual volcano they were reporting on and used them in conjunction with the Green Screen App.  They will now post their iMovie/Green Screen project on their blogs and write about what they did. These kids gave some excellent reports posing as reporters and volcanologists, all on the iPads.  Great App Smashing!  Enjoy!

Green Screen By DoInk